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417 Inglehart Street South - Marsell House
Constructed in 1915 by Walter Inglehart. Later home to Allan Marsell, an engineer at the Oakville Pressed Brickworks Factory.
Property Details:
417 Inglehart was first built in 1915.

The property was owned by Walter Inglehart until 1937, but he built a house on it in 1915, and rented it out to various people. Fortunately, the renters were listed in the tax assessment rolls.

The first one was Allan Marsell, an engineer at the Oakville Pressed Brick Works brick factory. According to the tax assessments, he and his family only lived in the house for a year. In 1918, they purchased a house on Sumner Ave.

The Oakville Pressed Brick works was on the west side of Trafalgar Road north of the railway tracks. Clay for the bricks came from the Red Hill. The hill on Trafalgar Road was known as the Red Hill because of the red clay. It was the shore of what is now known as Lake Iroquois (hence Iroquois Shore Road).

Lake Iroquois was formed as the last ice age ended about 10,000 years ago. The lake drained through the Hudson River Valley. As the ice retreated eventually the St Lawrence Valley thawed and the level of Lake Iroquois dropped to form what is now Lake Ontario.

There are still bricks around labelled "Oakville" or "OPBC" for Oakville Pressed Brick Company.
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417 Inglehart Avenue, 2020417 Inglehart Avenue, 2020
417 Inglehart Avenue Plaque417 Inglehart Avenue Plaque
417 Inglehart Street circa 1980417 Inglehart Street circa 1980
Oakville Pressed Brickworks BrickOakville Pressed Brickworks Brick