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426 Inglehart St. S - Jackson Chamberlain & Annette Cordelia Tuck Chamberliain House
William Jackson Chamberlain likely built this home together wiith his brother Stanley Chamberlain, who lived next door and sold him this lot.
Property Details:
This property was part of the Lot 13, 3rd Concession South of Dundas Street (SDS) was part of the farm of John Alexander Chisholm, son of William Chisholm. His widow, Emelda Beeler Chisholm, sold this part of Peter Inglehart in 1908 who promptly sold it to Walter Inglehart. Walter split the property up for development. It is now known as the Inglehart Survey of 1909, officially known as Plan 126. The survey covered the land between Trafalgar Road and Reynolds Street, north of Spruce Street. When Cornwall Road was built, the layout of that area changed. This is Lot 19 of Plan 126.

In 1911 Walter Inglehart sold it and other lots to Strachan Johnston. A year later he sold them to John Smith Marshall. In July 1919 Marshall sold them to Stanley and Bertha Chamberlain. In April 1923 Stanley sold this lot to his brother William Jackson Chamberlain, known as Jackson. Stanley (who lived next door in the house he built in 1922) was a carpenter and the two brothers probably built the house together in 1924.

Their parents were Joel Chamberlain, a Trafalgar Township pioneer and Mary Secord from the Secord family that built a couple of houses on Pine Avenue.

Jackson Chamberlain was born in Trafalgar Township in 1897 and had two brothers and five sisters. They were members of the Methodist Church which became St John’s United Church. Several of them stayed in the area. The Chamberlain farmhouse was on the west side of Reynolds Street above Maple. A sister, Vera, married tinsmith Sid Evans and lived further south on Reynolds. He enlisted in the First Depot Battalion of the First Central Ontario Regiment in 1917 under the Military Service Act of 1917. He listed himself as a machinist with the Sheet Metal Company at Gerrard and River Streets, Toronto. He transferred to the 4th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force in France in October 1918, He spent some time in hospital in England with Bronchitis and arrived back in Canada in April 1919.

In 1924 he married Annette Cordelia Tuck and they moved into their new house. They had one son, Kenneth. So far we haven’t been able to find where he worked as a toolmaker. In 1981 the property was sold out of the family. Annette Tuck Chamberlain died in 1979. Jackson Chamberlain died in 1986 at Extendicare, Oakville and was buried at Trafalgar Lawn Cemetery.
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426 Inglehart Avenue426 Inglehart Avenue
426 Inglehart Avenue plaque426 Inglehart Avenue plaque
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