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114 Balsam Drive - William and Mary Wass House
The house was built in 1878, and is connected to the house on the corner, 457 Lakeshore Road East.

Property Details:
William Wass (1817-1892) was born in Lincolnshire, England, and immigrated to Canada in 1852. He was the husband of Mary Wass and the father of Rebecca Wass.

He was a member of the Board of Trustees during the construction of St. John's United Church (1870s).

He lived on Colborne Street (now Lakeshore Road East), on a house that he named "Balsam Lawn", now 114 Balsam Drive (originally built in 1878).

Mr. Wass was a very successful businessman who had many interests: auctioneer, land and estate agent, stock and money broker, notary public, commissioner, conveyancer, accountant, and farm operator.

For many years he was an acting magistrate and a leader in politics on the reform side.

The house was recently moved closer to Lakeshore Road.
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Balsam Drive #114- Wass HouseBalsam Drive #114- Wass House
Balsam Drive #114- Wass HouseBalsam Drive #114- Wass House
Balsam Drive #114Balsam Drive #114