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19 Navy Street - David and Agnes Patterson House
The Patterson House - was built in 1834 by David Patterson, a shipwright and carpenter.
Property Details:
In July 1834, William Chisholm sold the acre lot D, Block 21, Plan 1 to David Patterson. In 1864 Esther Thomas, widow of Merrick Thomas after whom Thomas Street is named, gave him a mortgage of $200 which was discharged in 1874. The Pattersons had eight children. Thomas was mayor in the 1890s. In 1881, Patterson’ s widow, Agnes passed it their children George H., David Jr, James, Robert, Samuel, Agnes Jr and Matilda. In 1886 it was deeded to Mary Alphonsus Reynolds, widow of Thomas Reynolds after whom Reynolds Street is named. That same year Mary and Thomas Reynolds sold it to Josephine Milbourne, spinster, for $1620 subject to mortgage. She had been renting it for several years. Since then, it has changed hands several times.

David Patterson was born in Belfast in 1807 and was apprenticed as a carpenter and shipbuilder. He came to Canada in 1826 and arrived in Oakville in 1827 to work in the Chisholm shipyard and on the building of the piers for the harbour. That was the same year that Chisholm had purchased the original 960 acres that became Oakville. He married Agnes Griggs about 1835. Her sister married John Moore and lived next door to the north. The Pattersons built a frame house on this site. In 1857 when Oakville was incorporated as a Town David Patterson was appointed Pathmaster for Ward Two. Residents were required to provide labour for the maintenance of the Town’ s streets or pay a commutation fee instead - three shillings and nine pence per day of labour, about 75 cents. It was the duty of the Pathmaster to keep account of the labour or fees. He also owned part of what is now Lakeside Park at one time and there was a small house on the corner. Patterson died in 1877. In the 1880s the building was veneered with brick and balconies were added. The original clapboard siding is still under the brick.

We don’ t have a photo of David Patterson but a photo of Agnes is included in the display.
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19 Navy Street, 200819 Navy Street, 2008
19 Navy Street plaque19 Navy Street plaque
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19 Navy Street, 195719 Navy Street, 1957
David PattersonDavid Patterson
Agnes Griggs, wife of David PattersonAgnes Griggs, wife of David Patterson
David and Agnes Peterson grave site in Oakville St. Mary's cemeteryDavid and Agnes Peterson grave site in Oakville St. Mary's cemetery