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8 Navy Street - The Erchless Estate
Erchless was built in 1858, by William Chisholm. Today, after six Chisholm generations, it has been converted into the Erchless House Museum and is operated by the Town of Oakville.
Property Details:
Erchless Estate is located on 8 Navy Street. Most of the main house was built in 1858 by Robert Kerr Chisholm (1819-1899), who named it "Erchless" after the Chisholm family home in Inverness-shire (there is an Erchless Castle in Scotland, related to the Chisholm family).

Robert was the third son of Col. William Chisholm (1788-1842), who founded the Town of Oakville. The Chisholm family lived on the estate for over six generations.

In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, numerous additions appeared, including terraces, a windmill, a tennis court, and a boathouse.

Allan Chisholm, son of Robert Kerr Chisholm, lived in Erchless at the turn of the century. He was responsible for the design of the stable and coachman's dwelling at the north end of the property, as well as laying out the planting of the grounds. Allan Chisholm later became a founder of the Oakville Club.

Today, after six Chisholm generations, it has been converted into the Erchless House Museum.

We are grateful to Mr. Harry Barrett, the mayor at the time, who spearheaded the effort for the Town to acquire the property from a developer in 1977 for $550,000. Otherwise this beautiful estate would likely have been developed for apartments.
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Erchless Estate, 2020Erchless Estate, 2020
Erchless Estate PlaqueErchless Estate Plaque
Erchless Estate, 1971Erchless Estate, 1971
Erchless Estate, 1981Erchless Estate, 1981
Robert Kerr Chisholm, 1880sRobert Kerr Chisholm, 1880s
Robert Kerr ChisholmRobert Kerr Chisholm
Erchless Estate, 1966Erchless Estate, 1966
Allan Chisholm at ErchlessAllan Chisholm at Erchless
Erchless, 2020Erchless, 2020
Erchless Estate, 2020Erchless Estate, 2020
Erchless Tennis Courts, 1920sErchless Tennis Courts, 1920s
Erchless Estate, 1920sErchless Estate, 1920s