Plaqued Houses and Buildings
295, 297 and 301 William Street - The Scotch Kirk
These three houses were originally a Presbyterian church, later replaced by Knox Presbyterian Church.
Property Details:
The Canadian Presbyterian Church, a branch of the Free Church of Scotland, began to form a congregation in 1836. Later that year they acquired their first pastor, Rev. Mr. Murray. The building itself, completed in 1850, was largely the work of James McDonald who lived at 176 Front Street.

At the time it was described as a "neat plain building" and could seat three hundred. It was valued at £430, or about $2000. It was a white frame structure with arched windows and a gallery over the entrance where some of the Sabbath School pupils were instructed.

The Kirk was extended in 1868. The congregation set about building a new church, Knox Presbyterian, in 1887 on the site of the old White Oak Hotel. The new church was built by James McDonald Junior, son of the builder of the Kirk. James Junior took as part payment the Kirk and its site and remodeled it into these three homes, the double house 295 and 197, and the single house to the east, number 301.
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