Plaqued Houses and Buildings
143 Front Street - McCorquodale House
The Peter McCorquodale House was built by the mariner McCorquodale family in 1834 and remained in the family until 1899.
Property Details:
The McCorquodales were a family of mariners. Peter was born in Scotland in 1807 and came to Canada in 1830. He arrived in Oakville in 1832 and purchased the lot on which this house stands from William Chisholm.

The house itself was built in 1834.

Peter McCorquodale was both captain and part owner of a schooner, The Royal Tar. The vessel was not built at Oakville. The McCorquodale sons all became ships' Captains. Duncan and Robert had schooners but James saw the writing on the wall and became a steamship captain. Peter died in 1850, but the home remained in the family until 1899.

The house at one time served as servants' quarters for Mount Vernon which was across Front Street facing the lake.

Later owners, Mr and Mrs Ralph Young, added the artist's studio to the east. Gwyneth Found was a painter and sculptor.
The dormers are not original.

At one time one of the sidelights, a cracked one, had the year 1834 scratched into it.
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