Plaqued Houses and Buildings

Since the 1950s the Oakville Historical Society has placed plaques on older houses and buildings of historical interest. Our plaques typically tell the date of construction, the original (or early) owner or tenant and his or her occupation. This exhibit provides additional information on the plaqued homes and buildings and their occupants. There are also more photos of the houses, their former occupants and other archival items. Click on any image to get a larger view.
There are two ways to travel through the exhibit:
1. Click on the Click Here To Start Exhibit link at the bottom of this page to start with the Oakville Historical Society offices at 110 King Street and then navigate to the next record using the tabs near the top of the page. Or select the Table of Contents tab to view a list of the plaqued houses and buildings in alphabetical order by street name and then by street number.
2. On the Google map below click on the box in the top right corner to expand it to full screen. The plaqued houses are identified by pins in the shape of the Oakville Historical Society logo. Clicking a pin opens a box that has a link to more information. If you are using a smart phone, click on the pin and scroll up to access the link.

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Plaqued Houses and  Buildings
Navy Street #008The Custom House (8 Navy Street), 2020
Trafalgar Road #411411 Trafalgar Road