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530 Carson Lane - Cyrus Anderson and Margaret Hall Anderson House
Photographed in 2010. The house was built in 1900.

Property Details:
Cyrus W. Anderson (1836-1920) was the son of Joseph Brant Anderson. He was born in Oakville on the "old homestead", and worked as a banker. He opened the Anderson & Sons' Bank in 1887.

Unfortunately, the bank eventually failed in 1902, causing Cyrus to lose all of his money. He also inherited the farm on Seventh Line in Trafalagar Township, which was later owned by Col H. C. Cox, and the farm in town which was later known as Brantwood survey. Years later Anderson built a large home in town called Grit Anchorage, later the residence of E. F. Noyes.

Cyrus Anderson entertained many Liberals at Grit Anchorage. Every time a Liberal was elected in Halton, Anderson had the tradition of displaying a lamp in the window of his home. In those days, the house was frequently illuminated.

Anderson sat on the Town Council for many years, serving as both a Councillor and Reeve. On top of a large farming operation, Anderson and his sons also operated private banks in Oakville and Palmerston. As indicated earlier, the banks were not successful.

He died at the age of 83 at the home of his son J. Hall Anderson on Middle Road. He was in poor health and his death was not unexpected. He was survived by his wife of 59 years, Margaret Hall. The two were married by Rev. Dr. Dewart of the Methodist Church. Anderson's funeral service was conducted by Rev. M. E. Sexsmith and he was buried at St. Jude's Cemetery. He was also survived by 2 other sons and 2 daughters.
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Carson Lane #530- Cyrus Anderson HouseCarson Lane #530- Cyrus Anderson House
Carson Lane #530- Cyrus Anderson HouseCarson Lane #530- Cyrus Anderson House