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27 Reynolds Street - Home of Lt. Col. Morris Hayne Austin Drury and Dorothy Farwell Drury
Acquired Dorothy Farwell Drury, wife of Lt. Col. Morris Hayne Austin Drury, on October 1, 1943. Morris served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the First World War
Property Details:
This property has had several owners in the past, such as George K. Chisholm, Inglehart Bones who lived in the house at the present day 31 Reynolds St., William McCraney, William Francis Romain, whose second house was to the south of this one on the lake, & Kate Chisholm Romain who split the lot and sold the southeast portion to Laura Moore, wife of Harry Moore in 1912. Harry died in 1929, on the eve of the depression. Laura lost the property in 1937 and it changed hands two more times before being acquired by Dorothy Farwell Drury, wife of Lt Morris
Hayne Austin Drury, on October 1, 1943. Aside from his wife Dorothy, Drury’s footman Sgt. George Kennedy lived in the house with them. Rumor has it that the house was built for his dogs who would have enjoyed the break from military life to enjoy living in close proximity to the water and the bucolic life in Oakville.

L Col Drury was an interesting person. Morris Hayne Austin 'Boy' Drury, OBE, CD,
was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec on 10 October 1896. Drury was a member of the
Royal Canadian Dragoons Permanent Force - Regular Army - when he enlisted with the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force in December 1915. Prior to enlisting Drury also had experience as a Lieutenant with the 11th Hussars and had completed one year at the Royal Military College as a cadet. After the First World War, he formed the Canadian Army Equestrian Jumping Team, which entertained spectators throughout the Great Depression. He retired from the military in 1946 and became Commandant of the Toronto Division of the Corps of Commissionaires for twenty-two years. Dorothy died in 1970 and he married
Susan King sometime afterwards. Drury died in 1977, and the house was sold out
of the family in 1979.
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27 Reynolds Street27 Reynolds Street
Plaque for 27 Reynolds StreetPlaque for 27 Reynolds Street
Lt. Col. Morris H.A. Lt. Col. Morris H.A. "Boy" Drury, OBE