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167 Trafalgar Road - THe Henry Gulledge House
The property was purchased by Mr. Gulledge in 1875.
Property Details:
This property, officially known as Lot 1, Block 90 in the original Plan of Oakville drawn by Edward Palmer, was sold by William Chisholm to James Williamson in 1835 for ?50, the lawful currency of Upper Canada at the time. The west wing of the house was most likely first with what is now the main part added in the1870s.

Following Williamson's death in 1875, the house was bought from his executors by Henry Gulledge for $200 (in 1876). Gulledge was the second saddler in town, arriving from Somersetshire, England in 1835. A set of his harness could be purchased for 3/5s on 6 months credit. He lived first in the house at the corner of Rebecca and Forsythe Streets until moving here on his retirement.

The house was bought by William Matthews in 1886 for $263 and sold again in 1904 for $1,000. Julia Isobel Eaton bought the house in 1938 for $3,700. Lady Eaton visited her often and took tea on the verandah while her chauffeur waited in the car.

Note the round-headed double windows on the second storey, the buff quoins, multiple gables and decorative woodwork. For many years the house was painted white.
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167 Trafalgar - West Side167 Trafalgar - West Side
167 Trafalgar Road - North Side167 Trafalgar Road - North Side
167 Trafalgar plaque167 Trafalgar plaque
1992 newspaper article on the house1992 newspaper article on the house
Gulledge store in the backgroundGulledge store in the background
Henry Gulledge's son's store on Lakeshore RoadHenry Gulledge's son's store on Lakeshore Road
Invoice from H. Gulledge & Son, 1874Invoice from H. Gulledge & Son, 1874