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407 Maple Avenue - William Galley and Gertrude Hood Galley House
The house at 407 Maple Avenue was under construction in 1916 when its owner, William Galley, shipped off to serve in the First World War.
Property Details:
William Galley was born in 1884 in Norfolk, England and emigrated to Canada in 1907. In 1909 he married Gertrude Hood in Toronto. They purchased the lot at 407 Maple Ave. on May 3, 1915. At the time, he was a bricklayer by trade. Work had begun on the building of his house in 1916. However, William answered the call of duty and went off to fight in the First World War, joining up in Oakville with the 164th Battalion in March 1916. In April 1917 he sailed for England with his Battalion on the Carpathia, leaving his wife and 5 year old daughter. As happened with most battalions of the CEF, the 164th was broken up for reinforcement and he was transferred to the 12th Bn Engineers. as a sapper (equivalent to a private). In February 1918 he was made an Acting Lance Corporal without pay (increase). While in France in late October 1918, the index and middle finger of his right hand were crushed while doing bridge work.

He arrived back in Canada in February 1919 on the Prinses Juliana. Although he recovered enough to continue to fight, he could no longer ply his trade as bricklayer, so when he returned to Oakville in 1919, he became a contractor. The building of his house which had begun in 1916 would finally be completed in 1919. He died in December 1951.
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407 Maple Avenue in the 1980s407 Maple Avenue in the 1980s