Plaqued Houses and Buildings
262 King Street - The Marlatt Estate Coach House
This property was purchased by Wilbur Marlatt in 1892 and the coach house was built the same year and is located across the street from the Marlatt House.
Property Details:
This house was built four years after the Marlatt House, across the street, at number 17 Dunn Street. It was first owned by Wilbur Marlatt, then Cecil Gustavus Marlatt after 1909. The family home had large grounds containing gardens and fruit trees, a tennis court, two pools and lawns for croquet or cricket. Mr. Marlatt travelled frequently to Toronto by train, but used his carriage to get to Oakville Station.

After the First World War, this style of gracious living gradually declined. The coach house was converted into apartments.

Famous Egyptologist, Amice Calverley owned No. 262 for a time. Ms. Calverley's niece, Sybil Rampen, sold the property in 2009.

It has recently been renovated into a single family house.
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