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279 Macdonald Road - John McDuffee and Mary Lawrence McDufee House
This home was acquired by John McDuffee, a retired farmer in 1912.
Property Details:
John McDuffee was born in Trafalgar Twp. in 1857. He was from a farming family and spent most of his life there farming the land. He married Mary Lawrence in 1883 and although they didn’t have any children, they raised their niece Effa. His wife Mary died in 1900 and he remarried Edith Wilson in 1905, who also sadly died in 1910 of tuberculosis. In 1912, after a lifetime of farming, he purchased the house at 279 Macdonald Rd. for $2,900.00. John McDuffee died of heart disease in 1925 and is buried at Munn’s Cemetery in Oakville. Included is a picture of a young John with his mother, Mary Alton.
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279 Macdonald Road Plaque279 Macdonald Road Plaque
279 Macdonald Road in the 1980s279 Macdonald Road in the 1980s
John McDuffee and his mother, Mary AltonJohn McDuffee and his mother, Mary Alton