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142 Forsythe Street - Henry and Marie Gullege
Henry Gulledge, a saddler, lived at this home in the mid-1800s
Property Details:
Henry Gulledge of Somerset, England came to Upper Canada in 1835 at the age of 21 and cast about for a place to ply his trade of saddlery and harness-making. The bustling harbour and growth prospects of Oakville appealed to him more than the larger centre of Toronto. He set up shop at what is now 190 Lakeshore Road East. A harness would cost 3.50, and Henry was ready to grant six-month terms.

He purchased the lot at the corner of Forsythe and Rebecca Streets in 1836 and it appears that in 1857 he borrowed funds, perhaps to start the construction of the house. Henry and his wife, Maria, had six children by the year 1851, but Maria passed away in 1854 at the age of 38. In 1861 the census records that the property included a two-storey barn sheltering a horse, a cow and a pig.

Two of the Gulledge boys followed their father's footsteps to become harness makers. By 1869, the older son, George was already a skilled craftsman working in New York State. The younger son, Edmund, served his apprenticeship in Jamestown and on his return, at the age of 19, he became a partner in his father's business. In 1877 he bought out his father and took over the store.

In 1885, at the age of 80, Henry is recorded as a "Grocer," possibly in business with his daughter, Mary Ann Moulton, who operated a candy shop and grocery store.

Henry Gulledge died in 1899 and his son-in-law, Captain George Moulton, purchased the house from the estate for $175.

The home is a typical, modest home of a tradesman in Oakville. A lean-to addition across the rear of the house was added for a kitchen and stairway.

The history of this home was drawn from "Old Oakville" by David and Suzanne Peacock, a copy of which can be purchased at the Oakville Historical Society.
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142 Forsyth Street142 Forsyth Street
142 Forsyth Street  Plaque142 Forsyth Street Plaque
Artist's rendering of 142 Forsyth Street, before addition addedArtist's rendering of 142 Forsyth Street, before addition added
Gulledge Store at 190 Lakeshore Road EastGulledge Store at 190 Lakeshore Road East
Invoice for harness from H. Gulledge & Son saddle shop from 1874Invoice for harness from H. Gulledge & Son saddle shop from 1874
E. H. Gulledge shop on Lakeshore Road, 1897E. H. Gulledge shop on Lakeshore Road, 1897