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359 Douglas Avenue - Jacob Irving and Marjorie Lamb Irving House
The house was built in 1913, and bought in 1914, by Jacob Aemilius Homfray Irving (1887-1963) and his wife, Marjorie Lamb.
Property Details:
359 Douglas Avenue was built in 1913, and bought in 1914, by Jacob Aemilius Homfray Irving (1887-1963) and his wife, Marjorie Lamb.

Jacob Aemilius Homfray Irving was born in Parkdale in the west part of Toronto in 1887 and the family lived on Dunn Ave. His father, Lupin Homfray Irving, was a civil service clerk. His grandfather, Aemilius Irving, was a prominent lawyer and liberal member of the House of Commons for Hamilton and was knighted in 1906.

Jacob attended Upper Canada College, as his father had done, and secured a position as a bank clerk at the Dominion Bank head office in Toronto.

Jacob purchased the house at 359 Douglas Ave. in March of 1914. With new house in hand, wasting no time, he swept his new bride Marjorie Lamb off her feet and into their new digs after being married in Toronto the following month.

The structure itself was built by 1913 however, it was still listed as being "unfinished" at that time, as can be seen in the Brantwood Survey brochure picture of 1913, with bricks stacked at the side of the house, the saw horses by the front steps and what appears to be someone standing on the front porch painting the window. It was an early build in the Brantwood Survey. There were few houses around it.

1914 proved to be a busy year with the start of the First World War. His military records show that Jacob had enlisted in the Queen's Own Rifles in 1913. In February 1916 he enlisted in the 201st Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force but it was disbanded before going overseas and it members were transferred to other units. He went to the 248th Battalion in January 1916 in Owen Sound. He was commissioned in the Canadian Army Pay Corps in February 1916, likely based on his banking experience. He was assigned to District Pay Staff in Toronto.

Jacob sold the house in 1918 and moved to West Vancouver. He passed away in October, 1963 at the age of 76.
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